Mathematics, Education and Taking Chances

The world of mathematics can seem dull, boring and intimidating to anyone outside a mathematics faculty.  But we all use maths and probability every day – it takes a part in every conscious decision we make.

When you look out of the windows, you assess the probability of the weather before deciding on whether to wear a coat or not.  When you cross the road you’re assessing the speed of any oncoming vehicle and ensuring that it’s safe to do so.    Human beings are fantastically adept at dealing with probability and risk on an intuitive level – we do these calculations and assessments every day without a second thought.

This website will attempt to cover mathematics that we use in our everyday lives. It will be maths portrayed and explained hopefully in a way that non-mathematicians find accessible.

We hope that anyone who buys a lottery ticket, plays games of chance like poker, roulette or even a fruit machine will find something interesting. Although we all have this in built ability to make assessments on probability it is easy to make mistakes.  A sound approach to combining and interpreting probabilities can have make a positive impact on the choices we make every day.



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